Your Commercial and Industrial Auctioneer!

Your Commercial and Industrial Auctioneer!

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Printing Company Online Auction

INSPECTION:  Tuesday February 21st from 10:00am – 4:00 pm CST . Kyle 414-788-8250 or email: [email protected]


CHECK-OUT:  Wednesday February 29th  & Thursday March 1st  from 10:00am – 4:00pm. If you purchase a Large Piece of Equipment we will make special arrangements. Questions?  Kyle 414-788-8250 or email: [email protected]


REFRESH : There is an automatic REFRESH feature not incorporated into the website.You can still do it manually if you prefer.


EXTENDED BIDDING: This auction features EXTENDED BIDDING. Any lot with a bid within TEN minutes of its scheduled closing time will remain open for bids past itsnormal close; it will go into extended bidding. It will remain open until thereare no bids on that lot for TEN minutes. This only affects lots with lastminute bids; other lots will continue to close at their normal times. If youhave questions please call 414-788-8250.


MAX BIDDING: When you place your maximumbid, the current bid price doesn’t automatically jump to your max bid.Your bid will go to the next highest increment and will be increase as otherpeople bid against you. The computer will automatically bid up to your max in theincrements specified.